Adaptive Competitive Sports Sponsorship

S.T.A.R Rehab works with a variety of SCI and Amputee clients at different levels of fitness. While everyone is not a Paralympic athlete, we do encourage everyone to be physically fit and active. We currently work with disabled outdoorsmen and local recreational level teams, as well as athletes from the Paralympic level.  We can assist in your training or equipment needs at whatever level you wish to compete.

We here at STAR offer a competitive adaptive sports a sponsorship to encourage clients to live active, healthy lives outside therapy. We truly believe that the purpose behind all of the client’s hard work in our therapy recovery program is to enrich their quality of life, thus the reason we offer sponsorships. Our creative therapy team works with each client to find ways to keep you active in the areas in which you are passionate.

Here’s how it works…

  • S.T.A.R Rehab clients are given the opportunity to receive a sponsorship to cover up to $3,600 per year in competitive adaptive sports costs.
  • Each athlete is set up with an account that is earmarked specifically for them and their sports expenses.
  • Clients must attend therapy a minimum of three (3) times per week. Taking into account cancellations, clients should average twelve (12) sessions every four weeks.
  • Frequency of distribution of sponsorship funds is based on each clients individual activities and expenses compared to current earmarked earnings.
  • Sponsorships start at the beginning of their entry into our program and our renewed at the beginning of every calendar year.
  • Sponsorships will not be applied retroactively from their start date and unused funds do not carry over into the following year.