Mentoring Programs

Christopher Reeves Foundation

Strength Training and Recovery (S.T.A.R.) is pleased to collaborate as partners with the Christopher Reeves Foundation to provide a peer-mentoring program for the state of Michigan in their national program. Classes are held for qualified participants in our conference rooms here at S.T.A.R. The classes are offered for 25 participants at a time to make the classes more personal to allow for a richer more personal learning experience.

                                                                  Key Topics Mentors Can Address:                                                                                                           Disability Awareness                                                           Advocacy                                                                                       Stress Management                                                            Communication Skills                                                                    Personal Growth                                                                 Self-Determination                                                                       Peer Mentorship                                                                  Independent Living                                        Employment Skills                                                               Community Resources

Requesting Mentoring Services:

The program is offered in both in-patient and out-patient settings in order to provide support to those who may be recovering or living with disabilities or their family members. To request services please contact the S.T.A.R. office by phone (810) 344-9810 and ask to speak with Sophia Bong or email Sophia at

Becoming a Mentor:

  • A person living with paralysis or is a family/caregiver for at least a year​
  • Has a positive outlook and thriving in life
  • Has the desire and time to volunteer in the program
  • Can maintain confidentiality
  • Is knowledgeable about local community resources
  • Has good interpersonal skills
  • Has the ability to travel locally
  • Can complete the Reeve Certification program
  • Each applicant will be given a background check and an online SCI aptitude test

Support for Mentors

  • Each mentor will be given training with a certification
  • Regional Coordinators
  • A secure online national network of other peers to exchange ideas, information, and solutions with other peers
  • Comprehensive information on local, state, and national resources
  • Access to the world’s largest library collection of paralysis-related materials and the national paralysis resource center
  • Technology to facilitate real-time communication between clients and mentors, to assist in mentoring clients in remote areas with special needs

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact the S.T.A.R. office by phone (810) 344-9810 and ask to speak with Sophia Bong or email Sophia at