Our Program

Our Program

Strength Training and Recovery’s philosophy is based on innovative research in activity-based training, and integrates various therapeutic modalities to help our patients get stronger and live more active and independent lives.

                                 S.T.A.R prides itself on our successes treating patients with the following:

– Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

– Amputees

– Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI)

Our evidence-based therapy facility is located within a 225,000 square foot fully accessible, community-integrated healthcare complex. Call today to schedule an evaluation! 


Community Focus

While empowering our clients in our community-integrated facility, we are also breaking society’s stereotypes and barriers of perceived disabilities.

This program reconnects the client with their community and everyday life, integrating them back into an active lifestyle within the community. The purpose is to provide reality-based therapy and functional training to help the clients improve their daily activities in the real world.

Although, we work with many disabled athletes from around Michigan, our program is not limited to them. Our diverse team  combines their areas of expertise to develop individual recovery programs to meet each client’s unique goals at a level of intensity set for each client’s limits. Clients are encouraged to participate 3-5 days per week to achieve maximum results. The focus is on outcomes that are achievable and stressing individual capabilities for clients to emerge with a better understanding of their own injury, as well as their recovery. Our aggressive rehabilitation program challenges our clients to reactivate every ounce of ability to achieve healthier, stronger bodies.